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Read some of our parents testimonials:

Sarah is a great caregiver, my daughter started day care just a few days before turning one year old, and I was mostly scared about how someone else would put her down for her nap, while taking care of other kids as well, since I was holding her until she feel sleep. Sarah was able to help Nina to sleep by herself in only a few weeks, and this had a great effect on her night sleep too!

I got so happy with that. Also, I can say that her food is so good, that my daughter eats a lot better now and was able to put some weight, thing that at first was hard for her to achieve.

Sarah has taught my daughter to sing nursery rhymes (that she loves it), everyday kids have a great time because she always brings interesting toys for them to explore.

On warmer days my daughter, just after breakfast, even asks Sarah to put her shoes on and go play outside. I know that she loves Sarah so much because she blows kisses to her everyday when I go pick her up. I would strongly recommend Sarah to be a caregiver for your little one too.

Maria P.



Today I’ve got the first ever gift from my son – a hand-made picture-application for Mother’s day they’ve made with Sarah :-)  It was soooo touching!

I enjoy all the art and hand-made works they do with Sarah. I’ve seen the pictures of the process and I was presented with results 🙂 I enjoy their outdoor play and glad to see my child as happy as he can be. He learned many new things. When I took him home yesterday, he sang a song, so cute!

Sarah is fantastic person, Fedir likes her so much, she is very kind, attentive and compassionate and knows how to deal with kids so that they adore her.

I’d like to say thank you once again for connecting me with Sarah!

Best regards,



” I am writing to thank you. Not just for allowing my daughter to be part of an amazing daycare, not just for your staff being pro active and great listeners. No I am thanking you for doing what a lot of organizations should, take the advice of the people who entrust you with their children, and the people who take care of those same children. I went to the survey in October with my eyes wide open. I didn’t know how much of the parents opinions would be taken seriously, but it was. All of the parents(and I am gathering caregivers) opinions that were serious, and made logical sense were put into place quickly. I am so impressed because most organizations do surveys for” PR” purposes. Not you ,  you listened, and implemented.

Thank you,”

The Robins family

We really want to thank you for all of your help and support in finding care for Megan and in following her over time. Your communication is very open and helpful.

Moreover, I want to express how grateful we are for the wonderful, loving care that Megan received with Samira. Megan loved going to Samira’s place and was always happy to be passed into her arms in the mornings. We knew from her mood and behaviours that her experiences with Samira were positive and enjoyable. Samira was open to feedback in all aspects of Megan’s care, and worked with us to provide care in a way that made us most comfortable. Samira is full of love, energy and enthusiasm and it is clear that the children in her care mean the world to her. She is flexible, and was only ever interested in doing what was best for Megan.

It has been such a pleasure dropping Megan off with Samira in the morning and having complete confidence that she would be well taken care of, loved and entertained. Once I got past the initial adjustment in the first week or so, I never worried about Megan during the day. I thought about her often – but never worried.

While we’re sorry that Megan’s time with Samira, Isabelle and Jonah has been cut short, we are focusing on how fortunate we have been to have had such a wonderful daycare situation up to this point. The past nine months have been few, but in the life of an 18-month old they have been extremely important. Megan won’t remember this time, but the impact on her development will be there forever.

Thanks again.



We thank you for your help and continuous interaction with Isabelle and myself. We truly could not think of a better company to have used for Isabelle’s specific needs.

That being said, we adore Samira, and it is truly heartbreaking that she will no longer be able to care for Isabelle. There are no words to describe the love and appreciation we have for Samira. No one else in the world could have done a better job with Isabelle. Her welcoming home, gentle demeanor and encouragement for Isabelle’s growth has been wonderful. Isabelle has been taught manners, to clean up after play, and seems advanced in her knowledge of numbers and the alphabet, all because of Samira.
We have built such a special relationship, that we plan to keep in touch, even after she leaves. Kim

Dear Staff,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent child care services you provided for my daughter Justina. You are well organized, have very effective and well trained staff, and great child care providers. I would hope, and will help to let more people to know that there is such a great agency exists, and to enjoy your high standard child care services as I have.

Both my husband Colin and I are very happy and grateful with the care Ms. Athina  gave to Justina. I still remember it was so hard for me to leave my most precious and only baby to someone I only met a few times. The agency was so helpful in the way to provide all the references I needed, and to allow us start with part-time first.

Athina is genuinely kind and loving, very affectionate with children. She greets and says goodbye to them with kisses and hugs every morning and every night. Justina often doesn’t want to leave her house when I pick her up.

Athina has her magic touch with children. I recall it was so hard to give Justina medicine, such as Tylenol, at home; it’s a two person job. Colin had to hold her down and I forced it into her month. When Athina gave it to her with a little spoon, Justina took it as if it was juice. I was amazed to see that, and learned many tip and tricks from Athina here and there.

Athina’s house is always clean and tidy, bright and spacious. She is a great cook and always prepares nutritious meals for the children. Her easy going personality and friendly nature make parents feel like a part of their family, and her family is a part of ours.

It was a very hard decision for us to make, to leave J-F and Athina, to move Justina to Montessori. We think she is ready to go onto another stage of her life, more challenging social environment and structured learning process to help her be ready for school. I still hope to have Justina come back for short-term care from time to time in the future.

Thank you so much for your excellent services and all the best to everyone!


Myra H


On behalf of myself, my husband and our daughter Sophia, I’d like to thank you for the excellent service.

In the beginning we were searching for a caregiver for Sophia and we were quite concerned in leaving our daughter with just anyone but then we came across your services & we were so impressed with the high quality service you provided.

Our provider Inga, is outstanding & Sophia is shining in her care. Inga’s positive, warm, sensitive and professional attitude towards our daughter has helped Sophia to grow as a happy & healthy child this I thank Inga for.

We would also like to comment on the back-up provider system you have organized it’s so efficient also the home visits to the provider’s home & the follow-up call to let me know the best care is given to my daughter & what she was doing on that day. You have helped so much in making me feel secure & comfortable with the services you provide for my daughter, once again, thanks for the fine services.



“Leaving my 2 children, Adam (age 3) and Rebecca (age 1) at Angela’s, is like leaving them with family, but with a lot more stimulation!!! Angela is a loving, warm, and dedicated care giver whom I trust completely. Her program is outstanding and my kids are learning so much!”


Thornhill, Ontario

Franca is the best provider in the world.

Who would wear a tu-tu with my children and dance with them: Franca

Who taught my children how to tango: Franca

Who would play airplane, play hide and go seek and do exercises with my children: Franca

Who makes homemade Lentil soup, vegetable soup, and spaghetti and meatballs: Franca

Who treats my children like her children: Franca

Who do you hear laughing with my children: Franca

Who wants hugs and kisses from my children at the end of the day: Franca

Someone like Franca makes homecare the best option for a parent.



“For Pattie, I will always be thankful. She took my son into her home and made him a part of her family. She cares for him and the other children as she would if they were her own. I cannot imagine a better daytime “Mummy”. The activities and games that Pattie creates for the children are a constant source of amazement for me. It is unbelievable what this lady can do with corn syrup and food coloring, not to mention the pipe cleaners. Every week Nicholas brings home his latest batch of projects and shows them off to anyone available. He is really proud of the work he does with Pattie and so am I. A significant portion of his artwork is proudly on display throughout the house and the progression in his abilities is astounding. Beginning with simple brightly colored scribbles moving through barely legible letters, to (reasonably) neatly printed words, numbers, and shapes. The daily efforts Pattie makes teaching her kids is clearly evident wherever you look in our home.”